Resolv provides a range of software development, new media and print design services to clients around the world. From Windows software development, to websites, to print design - Resolv are a one-stop shop.

About Resolv

Our services in the field of software development include windows application development with Visual Basic or .NET with C#. We have also built a considerable number of large bespoke web applications using either Microsoft technologies or open source platforms such as PHP.
We pride ourselves on our skills in the field of usability. The web and desktop software applications we design are elegant and easy to use. This ensures that the users of our software applications engage with the software and spend little time poring over instruction manuals.
We provide IT consultancy services to small to medium businesses and manage internet servers (such as Web, Email and DNS). We also provide administration services for local fileservers and desktop support.
While we have a considerable amount of technical expertise, we are also adept web and print designers. Our complete design service begins with brand design and continues through to website design, email marketing campaigns and printed material such as brochures, company letterhead, signage and other promotional material.
By offering a complete electronic and print design service, our clients can be confident that their brand and message is handled consistently across every type of media they communicate with.

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