Club Membership

Membership of the Whitsunday Sailing Club brings many benefits, including discounts on drinks and food for all members and the use of many other optional facilities for full members.

Membership is based on a financial year with membership fees due in July. Current fees are listed on the downloadable membership forms above.

Visitors are always welcome at the club - please sign in at reception.

Full Membership Benefits

(Ordinary, Associate and Absentee Members)

  • Bar discounts
  • Dining discounts
  • Entry into membership draws
  • Showers
  • Internet
  • Boat storage (optional - additional charge)
  • Sailing events (optional - additional charge)
  • Boat ramp (optional - additional charge)

Ordinary Members

An Ordinary Member is someone 18 years or over who is entitled to vote at meetings and take part in the management of the club (Ordinary Members can stand for the Executive Committee).

All Ordinary Members must be actively involved in either sailing yachts in the club's sailing program or in the administration and duties of the club's sailing program, on a regular basis.

To become an Ordinary Member conditions apply - please phone the club for further details.

Associate Members

An Associate Member has full access to the club's facilities but is not eligible to vote or stand for Executive Committee positions. Associate Members must have a silver card if intending to sail in more than three competition events. Associate Members may be invited to upgrade to an Ordinary (voting) Member - conditions apply.

Racing Members

Sailors who regularly race at the club (in three or more races per year) are required to have a Yachting Australia "Silver Card". A silver card can be included with your club membership if you select "racing single" or "racing family" membership.

If you don't participate in club racing, then our non-racing memberships provide all of the same member benefits at a reduced cost.

Absentee Members

An Absentee Member is one who is absent for more than nine months or resides outside the Whitsunday Region and is eligible for a discount on membership fees. Full YQ fees apply.

Senior Members

There are discounts for seniors aged 65+ available.

Junior Members

Junior membership is available for junior sailors

Social Membership Benefits

  • Bar discounts
  • Dining discounts
  • Entry into membership draws
  • Internet access

Social Members have access to the bar, bistro and gaming room and can participate in member promotions and draws.

Social Members are not eligible to vote or stand for Executive Committee positions and do not have access to the boat ramp, storage, showers or downstairs facilities.

Temporary Membership Benefits

Designed for visiting cruising sailors, our temporary memberships entitle visitors to use of the club's facilities for a short period. Ideal if you're just stopping in for a week, or a few months. Options and fees are featured on the downloadable form.

Discounts for Families

If you have two or more sailors in your family then you may wish to take up a Family membership. Family membership entitles all members of your family to use of the club's facilities (such as the boat ramp and rigging lawn).

Note that the Family Membership package does not include racing membership. However, racing membership can be added to selected family members who regularly participate in club racing and require a Yachting Australia "Silver Card". This keeps the cost of membership to a minimum as you pay the extra racing membership only for nominated family members.


A copy of the Whitsunday Sailing Club's constitution and by-laws, governing the rights, obligations and conduct of all members, are available from the club's office if any member wishes to see them.

More Information

For more information about membership phone the Whitsunday Sailing Club on 07 4946 6138, or use the download links on this page to download membership application forms.