Boat Hire

The club has a number of off-beach sailboats available for hire to sailors wishing to participate in club races or sail training courses.

The following classes are available. Rates given are for a sailing "season", which typically consists of five or more Sunday sailing sessions and, depending on the season, may include special events such as Easter's Sail Airlie regatta.

Opti Tacker: $100

A boat designed for junior sailors (15 and under). The Opti Tacker is an entry level version of the Optimist racing dinghy, which is more forgiving of the knocks and bumps that learner-sailors will encounter.

Optimist Racer: $120

Optimist: A great frst racer typically sailed from ages 9-14 they are simple, durable and very popular. Over 300 boats attend national titles

Laser Basic: $100

An Olympic class single-person sail boat suitable for teenagers (weighing 40Kg or more) and up. There are 3 different sail sizes available and the boats are very simple and durable. Currently there are 12 boats (including some privately owned) at the WSC

Laser Racer: $120

A race-spec Laser, including laser "turbo kit".

Corsair: $125

The corsair is an excellent beginners sailboat, suitable for adults and mixed adult-child crews. The boat is usually sailed with three people (although they can be crewed by two people easily).